The CyberPowWow FAQ, or Why I Love WWWriting

All my life I worked to get my thoughts to run in a linear fashion, so that I could write a good paper (or win an argument with my dad). Each time I was asked to hand in a ten-page paper, properly paragraphed and footnoted, I would shudder. I could never really understand parargraphs. I used to pretend that I knew where a paragraph ended by arbitrarily cutting one in two, often by aesthetic decision alone. I never got footnotes, either. If a fact was important enough to go into the paper, why couldnŐt it follow the sentance you were footnoting? (Why couldn't you just put it in brackets or something?) Now, with the Web, I feel that I can, and should, unlearn it all, and allow the circular, or web-like, connections express themselves with "hotlinks", that fabulous magic, also known as "hypertext", that allows you to jump to another idea and back again, a lot like how my old essays went.

So with that introduction, which could also be a paragraph, which could also be a footnote, here is my experimental essay...

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